TW-15 ResisTweez Resistance Soldering Handpiece

Terms and Definitions

Resistance Tweezer for Soldering Closely Spaced Connector Pins

TW-15 ResisTweez Resistance Soldering Tweezer Hand piece

The TW-15 ResisTweez allows resistance heating for soldering and desoldering wires in closely spaced pins, terminals, and lugs. You come in cold, grip the terminal, push on the foot switch to quickly reflow the connector pin or terminal, without contaminating the terminal with solder. The TW-15 handpiece is cordless and rapidly attaches to a single quick-connect Universal Power Cord. Works with SMR Pulse-Heat Rework Station and PRC 2000 models.

120 V Part #: 7009-0005-P1      NSN: 3439-00-155-4597
230 V Part #: 7009-0005-P1      NSN: 3439-00-155-4597