TS-15 StripTweez Thermal Wire Stripper Handpiece

Terms and Definitions

Damage-Free Thermal Wire Stripping of All Insulations, even Teflon!

TS-15 StripTweez hand piece strips teflon wire easily!The TS-15 is a thermal wire stripper which allows rapid, temperature controlled, damage-free removal of all wire insulation including teflon. A variety of tips are available that are specifically designed for various wire gauges. Handpiece comes with 2 tips, others sold separately. Strip Depth gauge is standard to make quick work of repetitive operations and a numeric scale in millimeters and inches is laser inscribed on the handpiece. The TS-15 handpiece is cordless and rapidly attaches to a single quick-connect Universal Power Cord. Works with SMR Pulse-Heat Rework Station and PRC 2000 models.

120 V Part #: 7012-0002-P1      NSN: 5130-01-247-4751
230 V Part #: 7012-0002-P1      NSN: 5130-01-247-4751