CT-15 ConducTweez Conductive Soldering Tweezer

Terms and Definitions

Conductive Soldering Tweezer for Removing Chip Components on PCB's

CT-15 ConducTweez Conductive Soldering TweezerThe CT-15 ConducTweez Conductive Tweezer allows safe, rapid soldering of desoldering of component leads where resistance heating could damage circuit components. It is a fast heat device, excellent for desoldering and/or removing SMD chips and other 2-sided surface mount components from printed circuit boards. Tips heat up from cold start in seconds. The CT-15 handpiece is cordless and rapidly attaches to a single quick-connect Universal Power Cord. Works with SMR Pulse-Heat Rework Station and PRC 2000 models.

120 V Part #: 7020-0001-P1      NSN: 3439-00-041-1985
230 V Part #: 7020-0001-P1      NSN: 3439-00-041-1985