SMR Multi-Function Pulse-Heat Rework Station

Terms and Definitions

Compact, Stand-Alone Pulse-Heat System

PACE's SMR Pulse-Heat Rework System comes standard with TS-15 Thermal Wire Stripper

The SMR features a Pulse Heat power output which provides controlled temperature ramp-up to reflow temperatures, reducing thermal shock risk and unwanted heating of adjacent solder joints.  The system can be used for the removal and installation of small SMD’s, thermal wire stripping, resistance soldering of wires to connector cups, lap repairs for conductors and traces and removal of conformal coatings. The SMR system comes standard with PACE’s TS-15 StripTweez Handpiece (see image at left) for thermally stripping wires.

PACE's SMR Pulse-Heat Rework Handpieces

LF-15 LapFlo/Thermopart, CT-15 ConducTweez, TW-15 ResisTweez and TS-15 StripTweez Handpieces are cordless and rapidly attach to a single quick-connect Universal Power Cord. Switching from one Handpiece to another rakes under 2 seconds!

TS-15 StripTweez (supplied with the standard SMR SystemPulse-Heat Handpiece Drawings) is a Thermal Wire Stripper that allows for temperature controlled, damage free removal of all wire insulation, including Teflon.

TW-15 ResisTweez (optional) Resistance Tweezer allows for fast resistance heating for soldering or desoldering of closely spaced connector pins, cup terminals and lugs.

CT-15 ConducTweez (optional) is a fast heat-up conductive tweezer, excellent for desoldering and/or removing SMD chips and other 2-sided surface mount components from PCB's.

LF-15 LapFlo/ThermoPart (optional) uses quick-connect, plug-in tips that allow for single point or multi-point (hot bar) soldering of flat packs, SOIC's and other extended lead devices. When used with the Thermal Parting Tip, it acts as a hot knife, overcuring epoxy conformal coatings for easy removal.

SMR Applications Montage
From left to right: TS-15 StripTweez, CT-15 ConducTweez, TW-15 ResisTweez, LF-15 with ThemoPart and LapFlo Tips


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120 V Part #: 8007-0565
230 V Part #: 8007-0566
  • Comes with SMR Power Supply, Universal Power Cord, TS-15 StripTweez Handpiece, Foot Pedal, Redi-Rak Handpiece Storage Holder and Side-Mounted Handpiece Holder
  • Adjustable power level from 1 - 20 (20 being maximum power)
  • An approved operating range can be programmed allowing operators flexibility to do their work
  • Clear LCD display with functional soft-keys to perform operations
  • All Handpieces are cordless and rapidly attach to Universal Power Cord - switching from one Handpiece to another takes less than 2 seconds
  • Universal Power Cord allows cordless, pulse-powered Handpieces to operate from a single quick-connect cord
  • Small & Compact 4.1"H x 5.1"W x 6"D size allows SMR to fit in areas with limited bench space
  • ESD safe, durable metal housing
  • Password protected
  • Power Requirements60Hz, 80 Watts maximum at 115 VAC, 50Hz at 230 VAC
  • Dimensions104mm (4.1") H x 130mm (5.1") W x 152mm (6") D
  • Weight2.9 Kg (6.3 lbs)
  • ControlLED Digital Display & Keypad
  • Calibration RequiredNo
  • Power Range1-20


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