Cir-Kit Basic Version (Non-ThermoBond)

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A Simple, Low Cost Solution to Damaged Circuitry

PACE Cir-Kit Circuitry Repair Kit, Basic Version

Cir-Kit Circuitry Repair Kit Basic Version


PACE Cir-Kit Circuitry Repair Kits are a simple, low cost solution to damaged, lifted or missing circuitry on pc boards, allowing fast repair and modification per IPC 7721. Non-ThermoBond Cir-Kits are available in 3 different Models (Basic, Advanced and Master versions) and include the necessary tools and accessories to install the included frames or eyelets. RoHS Compliant Frames are pre-tinned on both sides and available in a wide variety of land/circuitry sizes and shapes including pads, tracks, traces and runs. Cir-Kit Repair Kits provide a practical solution for restoring the operational reliability to damaged assemblies or the means for modifying circuitry as desired.

A Typical Cir-Kit Pad Repair on 2-Sided PCB

PACE Cir-Kit Circuitry Repair of lifted pad







1) A damaged, lifted pad. 2) Damaged portion is removed/cleaned, plated thru hole is drilled out. 3) Existing run is pre-tinned and cleaned. 4) Appropriate sized Trak-Pad is selected and cleaned with Abrasive Stick. 5) Trak-Pad is cut from Frame. 6) Funnelet (or somtimes an eyelet) is selected. 7) Funnelet is inserted through pcb and Trak Pad is positioned over existing run. 8) Upper and Lower Setting Tools are used to swage and secure the Funnelet through the board and Trak Pad. 9) Funnelet is soldered on both sides, and Trak Pad is reflow soldered to the existing run; Clean. 10) The resulting repair!

Cir-Kit Basic Version PN 6993-0037

Lowest cost, introductory version of Cir-KIt with only the basics. Each kit contains the following:

  • Eyelet 1347-0013 x 25 pcs
  • Eyelet 1347-0016 x 25 pcs
  • Funnelet 1347-0007 x 25 pcs
  • Funnelet 1347-0009 x 25 pcs
  • Cir-Kit Pad Frame 1200-0070-P1
  • Cir-Kit Straight Run Frame 1200-0074-P1
  • Setting Tool Assembly, Upper Setting Tool 6000-0051-P1
  • Funnelet Support Tool 1332-0017-P1
  • Support Tool Base 1321-0054-P1
120 V Part #: 6993-0037
230 V Part #: 6993-0037



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