Cir-Kit Basic Version

Terms and Definitions

PCB assemblies may be damaged during faulty soldering or component removal; or from component failure, improper handling or usage.  Cir-Kit provides a practical solution for restoring the operational reliability to damaged assemblies or the means for modifying circuitry as desired.  The Advanced Cir-Kit contains the following:

Eyelet 1347-0013 x 100 pcs

Eyelet 1347-0016 x 100 pcs

Funnelet 1347-0007 x 100 pcs

Funnelet 1347-0009 x 100 pcs

Cir-Kit Pad Frame 1200-0070-P1

Cir-Kit Straight Run Frame 1200-0074-P1

Setting Tool Assembly, Upper Setting Tool 6000-0051-P1

Funnelet Support Tool 1332-0017-P1

Support Tool Base 1321-0054-P1

120 V Part #: 6993-0037
230 V Part #: 6993-0037