TF 2700

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PACE's ThermoFlo Systems (TF 1700 & TF 2700) are the next generation in automated, cost effective solutions for area array package rework. No other systems on the market have the advanced features found on these systems or is easier to use, ensuring operator acceptance and success! Designed for today"s PCBs, ThermoFlo Rework Systems can safely install and remove a wide variety of CSPs, FCs, PBGAs, CBGAs, MLFs, LCCs, and other SMDs. The PC based software is so advanced that creating profiles has never been easier! The PC software guides the operator through an intuitive interface that virtually automates the process.

All operations: component pick-up, alignment, placement, and reflow are completed in a single axis, eliminating the risk of component movement after placement. The PCB holders features fine micrometer adjustment for the most delicate X and Y axis alignments. Precise and accurate, within 25 "m (.001"), Z axis movement is ensured through a twin rail, linear bearing motion control assembly that is similar to those used on automated pick and place equipment. The optic systems utilize advanced digital, color cameras and the highest quality prism available for amazing image clarity. ThermoFlo systems combine convective top-side heating with remarkably stable and powerful IR bottom-side heating for the most effective, repeatable heating process available today. Both systems are self-contained and do not require an external air supply or vacuum connections. Upgrade your area rework capabilities and throughput with ThermoFlo!

120 V Part #: 8007-0467
230 V Part #: 8007-0469
  • Part Numbers8007-0467 120 VAC
    8007-0469 230 VAC
  • Power Requirements120 VAC, 60 Hz or 230 VAC, 50 Hz(2800 watts maximum)
  • Temperature setting rangeTop Heater: 100°to 400°C (212°to 750°F)
    Bottom Heater: 100°to 221°C (212°to 430°F)
  • Heater (top side)IR, 1200 Watts (400 Watts x 1 & 150 W x 6),
  • Heater (bottom)405mm x 405mm (16° x 16°)
  • Max component size65mm x 65mm (2.5" x 2.5°)
  • Max PCB size610mm x 610mm (24° x 24°)
  • Air Flow maximumSelf contained, PC controlled, adjust up to 20 SLPM
  • N2 OptionStandard
  • Resolution on Optics Adjustment0.52mm (0.02°) per rotation
  • Positioning Accuracy (Z axis)° 25 °meters (0.001°)
  • Vacuum450mm Hg
  • OpticsHigh resolution, Vision Overlay System
  • Video inputs2 Composite Video 1 °S° Video (for alignment optics)
  • Video Monitor Viewable area431mm (17°) Integrated Color flat Panel LCD Monitor
  • Board SupportsIncluded
  • Optical Alignment KitIncluded



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