Instant SetBack Tip & Tool Stand for TD-200 and TD-100A

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New Tip and Tool Stand for the TD-200 and TD-100A handpieces. The Instant SetBack Cubby (ISB) automatically lowers the temperature when the TD-200 is placed in the stand. This will greatly increase tip life as well as save energy. The Tool Stand features a new wide-angled mouth that allows the operator to easily insert and remove their soldering iron while still being able to hold it securely. Each Tip and Tool Stand allows for safe and secure holding of a either handpiece, hot tips, Tip Tool, Water Sponge, Cleaning Brush and can be mounted to the side of of the PACE power source. The unit incorporates a low abrasive dry wipe made of fine metal coil that won't drop tip temperature, cleans better than conventional sponges, won't damage your tips, and allows for removal of caked on/burned-on lead-free fluxes and oxides. The Sponge/Water Well is still included, but not really necessary! Each Tip and Tool Stand is constructed of heavy duty, corrosion resistant metal.

120 V Part #: 6019-0089-P1
230 V Part #: 6019-0089-P1



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