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QFP Installation TD-100 Mini-Wave®

TD-100 Handpiece
TD-100 Handpiece

1. Set a tip temperature of 343°C (650°F) for lead-free or 316°C (600°F) for leaded alloys and adjust as necessary.

2. Install selected Mini-Wave® tip into the TD-100 using Tip Tool.

3. Position the component ensuring proper lead-to-land alignment. Hold the component in place using the HandiPik® or tweezers. (A)

4. Apply flux and tack solder opposing corner leads. (B)

5. Apply flux to ALL lead/land areas. (C)

6. Clean tip on Tip & Tool Stand sponge.

7. Apply solder to the cupped portion of tip to create a convex bead of molten solder. (D)

8. Position Mini-Wave® tip so the solder bead contacts the top portion of leads. (E) Slowly move tip over one row of leads to form proper solder fillets at each joint.

9. Repeat steps 6 through 8 on remaining sides of component.

10. Re-tin Mini-Wave® tip with solder. Return TD-100 to its Tip & Tool Stand.

11. Clean, if required, and inspect.

PACE Intelliheat® Power Supply

TD-100 Thermo-Drive® Soldering Iron

Mini-Wave® Tip (See Chart on Back)

Tip Tool

HP-65 HandiPik®


Flux-cored Solder