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Jul 8, 2013

PACE Worldwide is now offering replacement Front Seals (1213-0087-P1) for the SX-100, SX-90 and SX-80 in additional quantities. They will also be sold in quantities of 10 and 25 pieces.
Package of 10 Front Seals: 1213-0087-P10
Package of 25 Front Seals: 1213-0087-P25

Jul 1, 2013
11 mm SQ (0.433”) TQFP 64 Removal Tip

PACE is now offering a new 11 mm SQ (0.433”) TQFP Removal Tip for the TD 100 Soldering Iron.  The advantage of this tip is that it brings all 4 sides of the component to simultaneous reflow for quick removal.  PACE...

Jul 1, 2013

Our customers requested and we responded!  PACE is now offering new Extra Large Chisel Style Tips for the WJS 100 Soldering System in Five Different Sizes.  These larger tips are more suitable for high thermal mass...