PACE at SMTA International in Fort Worth, Texas

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Oct 16, 2013
The PACE Team joins the G-Force owners Randy Geisler and Gregg Schoenrade to represent PACE at this year's SMTA International Expo


PACE was present at this year's SMTA International Expo in Fort Worth, Texas, where we featured some of our most popular rework stations, pre-heaters and tool stands, including: the IR 3000, MBT 350, WJS 100, ST 325 (w/ software), ST 500 and ST 400. During the two days of exhibitioning, PACE reps Julio Maldonado and Dave Laubscher, accompanied by PACE President Eric Siegel, took to the floor displaying our unique and competitive product line. We were also working with our newest partners Randy Geisler and Gregg Schoenrade, owners of G-Force Reps Ltd. We are proud to announce it was a prosperous show for us and are anxious to continue this climb back to the top.

For more information on what shows we'll be attending in the future, drop us message or continue to visit our website for future announcements.


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