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PACE Handpieces

Other PACE products that are not Handpieces or Systems.

IntelliHeat compatible Handpieces with the blue connector.

PACE Systems

PACE Fume Extraction

Watch these and get a quick overview on what PACE products can do for you!

Process Guides that cover specific component applications for assembly, rework and repair. These are searchable by installation/removal, component type, and handpiece or system used.

Process guides covering specific product applications developed in conjunction with PACE users from around the world.

Process guides covering basic knowledge such as tip selection, tip preparation, land preparation, etc.

Fundamental Process Concepts which have broad application in a multitude of surface mount and thru-hole rework, repair and assembly applications.

Addresses critical maintenance and troubleshooting steps to keep you and your equipment working at top performance and efficiency.

PACE provides innovative solution, products and training for the assembly, rework, repair and testing of printed circuit boards. PACE's unique capabilities and evolving vision have produced universal solutions to thru-hole and surface-mount assembly and rework problems for the most advanced electronics. Our strong commitment and history of achievement has resulted in an unparalleled range of Assembly, Repair and Fume Extraction systems to meet your company's needs whether working ISO 9001, industrial, military, or your own internal specifications. Whatever the challenge, PACE stands ready to provide the best, cost-effective solution for you.

PACE products meet or exceed applicable military and civilian EOS/ESD, temperature stability, AC leakage, tip ground resistance specifications, including MIL-STD 2000, ANSI/J-STD001, IPC 7721 and IPC-A-610.

Soldering Stations

PACE is pleased to offer the latest advancement in technology and productivity enhancing solutions for production soldering operations.  Our systems provide reliable and efficient soldering for thru-hole, SMT, hybrid and other soldering applications.  PACE offers a wide range of single channel soldering stations to meet your exacting specifications. 

Desoldering Stations

PACE's Desoldering Systems are the finest available.  No other competitor has the experience or innovation with desoldering as PACE does.  Afterall, we invented the very first self-contained vacuum desoldering system! 

Conductive Rework Systems

PACE offers a broad range of rework and repair products to meet your specific needs. Whether you are replacing a surface mount component, repairing a multi-layer printed circuit board or making a plated thru-hole repair, PACE systems offer maximum versatility and ease of use.

SMT Rework Systems & Pre-Heaters

PACE's SMT rework systems and Pre-heaters are ideal for SMT rework and repair. Using either convective or IR heating technology, they leave little residual solder on the PCB. They are also appropriate for installing leaded components with solder paste and for installing components without visible leads, such as BGA's, MLF's, LGA's, and LCC's. PACE is pleased to offer three systems to meet your exacting specifications. Pre-heaters are vital in today's environment with high mass PCBs and lead free solder.

Area Array (BGA) Rework

Area Array (BGA) Rework Products are sold exclusively through our Worldwide Distribution Network.  

Fume Extraction Systems & Accessories

Work related respiratory ailments are on the rise resulting in lost work time as well as higher compensation costs for employers.PACE Fume Extraction systems offer reliable performance, quiet operation, optimal flow rates and easy installation for use with our extraction arms and accessories.


PACE offers a variety of different handpieces for our systems.  PACE offers handpieces for sale individually or in a "Kit" which includes the handpiece and stand or "Cubby".

Tips & Nozzles

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For over 50 years, PACE has provided training, products and procedures for assembling and repairing the most advanced electronics assemblies.  Our primary focus has always been to develop controlled processes which recognize practical human abilities and provide consistent, high quality results.  Genuine PACE Training, whether direct from PACE or through one of our Authorized Training Partners, prepares your operators, techs and quality control employees to handle any rework and repair application.

Support Products

Support Products include:

Cir-Kits (Thermobond Cir-Kit Frames & Non-Thermobond Cir-Kit Frames), Eyelets and Funnelets, and accessory items that are used to install the above products.