TT-65 ThermoTweez (SensaTemp)

Terms and Definitions

Process Guides that cover specific component applications for assembly, rework and repair. These are searchable by installation/removal, component type, and handpiece or system used.

Process guides covering basic knowledge such as tip selection, tip preparation, land preparation, etc.

Addresses critical maintenance and troubleshooting steps to keep you and your equipment working at top performance and efficiency.

The ThermoTweez handpiece provides safe, one-handed removal of a wide variety of "J" Leaded (PLCC), Leadless (LCCC), SOIC's, PQFP's, Bumper Packs (BQFP's), large extended lead (FlatPacks), SMT Connectors and Chip Style components in a matter of seconds. The ThermoTweez's low temperature, high capacity heating can remove even the largest components quickly and easily. The ThermoTweez is a member of the PACE SensaTemp family of advanced SMT/Thru-Hole soldering/desoldering handpieces and works with any PACE SensaTemp power source. Tips supplied separately.

120 V Part Number: 7025-0001-P1
230 V Part Number: 7025-0001-P1