Fume Extraction Systems & Accessories

Terms and Definitions

Process Guides that cover specific component applications for assembly, rework and repair. These are searchable by installation/removal, component type, and handpiece or system used.

Process guides covering basic knowledge such as tip selection, tip preparation, land preparation, etc.

Addresses critical maintenance and troubleshooting steps to keep you and your equipment working at top performance and efficiency.

Work related respiratory ailments are on the rise resulting in lost work time as well as higher compensation costs for employers.PACE Fume Extraction systems offer reliable performance, quiet operation, optimal flow rates and easy installation for use with our extraction arms and accessories.

Image Product Part Number
Replace Inlet Cap 8885-0804-P1
ARM-EVAC 50 8889-0050-P1
ARM-EVAC 200 8889-0205-P1
Metal Plenum 8886-0366-P1
ARM-EVAC 105 8888-0110-P1
ARM-EVAC 250 8889-0255-P1
ARM-EVAC 500 8889-0505-P1
50mm Replacment Fume Scoop 8882-0408-01-P1
75mm (3") end cuff 8882-0776-P1
75mm (3") Y connector 8882-0691-P1